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Did you know that we make on average over 200 food-related decisions every day? Breakfast or no breakfast, eggs or cereal, kitchen table or in the car, coffee or tea… You see where I’m going with this?

And, not only do we have to make those decisions everyday but we are constantly bombarded with sometimes contradictory messages advising us to eat less, eat more, avoid fat, avoid sugar, eat more fish, eat more nuts, eat more fibre, avoid dairy. It’s enough to confuse anyone and it’s no wonder people’s relationship with food is affected.

There is so much information available about food it can be difficult to know the facts from the fiction making food choices stressful, overwhelming and sometimes even intimidating.

For the Love of Food! will help you develop a positive relationship with food. This means seeing it as energy and nourishment for the body and of course at times something for pleasure and celebration. It is about trusting your body’s hunger and satiety cues and being able to eat a wide variety of foods without guilt or shame. Having a non-dieting approach to food you will be able to feel and be healthier and have more time for the important things in life.